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Stellar Sci-Fi Alien Action Short Film ‘Hybrids’ from Patrick Kalyn


“352 days since their arrival.” There’s another new sci-fi short film that just hit the web that many folks are flipping over already. I’ve received numerous emails linking me to this film Hybrids, an 8-minute science fiction alien action/revenge short written & directed by Patrick Kalyn. It stars Daniella Evangelista as a badass warrior girl who fights her way through a number of blue...

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Watch: Sci-Fi ‘Koyakatsi’ Proof of Concept Trailer by Ayoub Qanir

Koyakatsi Short Film

Whoa, this looks cool. I’ve been looking for some sci-fi shorts from the Vimeo world to feature, and I’m glad our tipster Ron came through with another one. This proof of concept trailer is by filmmaker Ayoub Qanir and is titled Koyakatsi. The story involves a scientist and military doctor teaming up, in more ways than one it looks like, along with some other cool sci-fi stuff...

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Watch: Darkly Funny and Gnarly Cronenberg-Style Short ‘Valibation’


Director Todd Strauss-Schulson made his feature film debut with A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in 2011, but before that he was behind plenty of short films, especially comedies. Well, today the filmmaker debuted his short film endeavor Valibation, and it’s not what we expected at all...

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Watch: Fun Short Film ‘The Come Up’ Highlights Hollywood Robbery

The Come Up

If you want to make it in Hollywood, you often have to start at the bottom before you can work your way to the top. One of the lowest jobs on the totem pole is a production assistant, or “PA,” and it’s his or her job to do the grunt work that nobody else wants to do: coffee runs, lunch orders, heavy lifting, etc. Film School Rejects found a great short film called The Come Up, which is a pretty a...

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Must Watch: Another Superb Sci-Fi Short ‘ABE’ with Creepy Robot

ABE Short Film

“They say that what I am doing is wrong, and I wish I understood what that meant.” Dang, the sci-fi world is really heating up as we head into a summer movie season packed with sci-fi. Yesterday we featured a short titled Project Kronos, today we’ve got another outstanding new sci-fi short called ABE, that is a must watch. It was pitched as “Silence of the Lambs involving a robotic serial killer”...

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Watch: Impressive POV Short Film Sequel ‘Insane Office Escape 2′

Insane Office Escape 2

About a year and a half ago, there was a very cool short film called Insane Office Escape that eluded our attention for one reason or another. Directed by Ilya Naishuller, it was basically a three-minute action short shot with a first-person POV style. It was a very intricately conceived and meticulously crafted piece of work which also acted as a music video for the band Biting Elbows...

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Watch: Short Doc Takes a Look at Composing Movie Trailer Music

Movie Trailer Music

While you may not know Yoav Goren by name, you’ve undoubtedly heard his work as a composer through his company Immediate Music, which he owns with Jeffrey Fayman. Still not ringing a bell? If you’ve seen the trailers for films like The Amazing Spider-Man, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Dark Knight Rises and countless more, It’s Goren and Faym...

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Watch: Kibwe Tavares’ Fish Story Short Film ‘Jonah’ Set on Zanzibar

Kibwe Tavares' Jonah Short

“That’s my camera!” Yet another fantastic short film to feature. Jonah premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and is directed by British filmmaker Kibwe Tavares, who also made the animated short Robots of Brixton which played at other festivals. This one is live-action, set on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar and is about two young men who photograph a gigantic fish and turn their town into a b...

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Watch: ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Inspires Great ‘Hoverboard’ Short


We’ve seen one of the best parts of Back to the Future Part II become a faux reality with Mattel’s collectible Marty McFly hoverboard, and fans with a lot of money could have even bought Griff’s Pitbull hoverboard from the film. Now 2015 is just a couple years away, and the version of the future from the sequel hasn’t exactly become a reality...

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Watch: We Make Contact in Full ‘Project Kronos’ Sci-Fi Short Film

Project Kronos

“We are actually watching Kronos dreaming about the journey it took and what it remembered.” Let’s make contact. Earlier this year we featured the trailer for an upcoming faux-documentary short called Project Kronos, that exploreed an attempt to achieve interstellar travel in a realistic way. The full short, running 14 minutes, has finally debuted and after watching it I have to feature it here...

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