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Watch: Maggie Smith on '60 Minutes,' Plus Career Highlight Clips

Check out this "60 Minutes" interview with the Dowager Countess herself, Maggie Smith. As Women and Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein notes, "There aren't many actresses as popular with the Harry Potter set as she is with the Masterpiece Theatre set."

Now 78, Smith has won two Oscars, three Emmies and one Tony over the course of her illustrious career...

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Watch: All The Oscar Acceptance Speeches From Affleck to Adele

While some unfortunate folk got ushered offstage aggressively by the "Jaws" playoff music (the genius-or-uncalled-for debate continues), the night's biggest Academy Awards winners stole the show with their great speeches...

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VidCritz: 'Sucker Punch' Reconsidered

“Sucker Punch.”

VidCritzis Criticwire's home for interesting video essays and criticism. Because, really, who wants to read?

Whether you loved or hated Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch," you didn't understand it. That's the message (and the title) of a new video essay on the film by /Film's Adam Quigley. And here it is:

Quigley's main argument is that no one ...

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'Lincoln' Oscar Frontrunner Daniel Day-Lewis Opens Up in Santa Barbara (VIDEOS)

Santa Barbara: Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis may not appear to be a marquee movie star. But audiences are starting to get the idea that when he does a movie–and he picks them carefully, willing to wait years between roles–they should check it out.

At a time when many actors risk overexposure, grabbing all the roles they can while interest is hot, Day-Lewi...

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Watch: Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas Pop Up in Trailer for Almodovar’s ‘I’m So Excited’

After exploring significantly darker work with 2009's noir "Broken Embraces," and 2011's psychological horror film "The Skin I Live In," Pedro Almodovar appears to be pursuing a much more lighthearted tone for his next film, "I'm So Excited," as the just-released trailer shows.

While the Spanish-only clip offers only a small glimpse of the film, the trailer's vibrant colors, sexual absu...

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Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Tells Zach Galifianakis to Lay Off the Pudding in ‘Between Two Ferns: Oscar Edition’

Anne Hathaway on “Between Two Ferns”

It's been a while since we've seen a new episode of Zach Galifianakis' "Between Two Ferns," his Funny or Die skit where he unleashes his hilarious weirdness on celebrity guests to make interviews as awkward as possible. But the funny man is back again with a new episode, just in time for the Oscars.

In his "Oscar Buzz Edition...

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Trailers from Hell: Larry Karaszewski on Peter Bogdanovich's 'What's Up, Doc?,' Starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal

Barbra Streisand in “What’s Up, Doc?”

Comedy Classics! week concludes at Trailers from Hell with screenwriter Larry Karaszewski introducing Peter Bogdanovich's "What's Up, Doc?," one of the biggest comedy hits of the early '70s.

Following up on his dramatic breakthrough with The Last Picture show, movie scholar turned director Peter Bogdanovich evokes '30s scre...

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New Trailer for Redford's 'The Company You Keep' with LaBeouf, Sarandon, Nolte & More

Redford in ‘The Company You Keep’

The latest trailer has landed for Robert Redford's "The Company You Keep," which was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics before its Venice and Toronto premieres...

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Berlin 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Trailer for Jeremy Seifert’s Food Industry Doc ‘GMO OMG’

Jeremy Seifert

Director Jeremy Seifert's upcoming agriculture documentary, "GMO OMG," has been in production since reaching its funding goal in the summer of 2011 via a Kickstarter campaign. Now, after almost two years the film is nearing its release, and Indiewire has the exclusive first trailer.

The film follows Seifert (director of the 2010 short "...

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Christopher Nolan's Top Ten Films for Criterion: Lang, Welles, Malick Make the Cut [Video]

Director Christopher Nolan has selected his Top Ten films for Criterion. His choices are varied, and the themes unsurprising: morality, mortality, life-or-death decisions, larger-than-life situations, and characters pushed to their total limits. The films he selected — from Erich von Stroheim in 1924 and Orson Welles in 1955 to Terrence Malick in 1998 — share ambition...

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